Web Platforms by TMI

Enhance your web presence; unlike websites which are usually just static online brochures, a platform connects your business online.  By integrating business functions online you can:

  • Expand Your Workforce with minimal investment & no turnover
  • Always be available  24 Hours a day 7 days a week for prospective customers
  • Improve Exposure – When it comes to marketing, customer awareness is a key factor. After all a consumer cannot purchase from you if they do not know that you exist.

Hundreds of millions of people use the net as a daily Life line, from paying bills to purchasing. Having platform vs a static website allows you to tap into the enormous buying power of the online shopper as well as increase existing customer retention. Experience the power of web marketing today only from TMI.

TMI Local

TMI Local is all about control and results for your business. You get control of your information on dozens of critical local sites. With TMI Local, your business will stand out from the crowd in local searches everywhere. Adding pictures, descriptions and promotions to your listings can help them rise up in the rank and make them look great so more people pick your business when searching. TMI Local lets you add these critical elements to your listings everywhere, and then gives you intelligence on how many people are seeing and clicking on your listings by site. Plus you can see what people are saying about you with ratings and review monitoring. Best of all, setup takes just minutes and your TMI Local account will be live in no time.

Need Help With Your Marketing ?

Don't hesitate to contact us. Our team has been in the business for 20 years. We know how to increase exposure, grow brands, and increase your overall value. We can help you select the services that are right for your business.